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How to invest $20,000? Here are 20 best ways.

Making an investment is usually an endeavor that requires good planning and of course, ample research, whether you are investing $100 or $20,000. But before you make an investment, there are two things that need consideration. Time-frame – are you looking to make a long-term investment or a short-term investment? Risk appetite – how much […]

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How to Flip Cars for Profit?

If you are a car enthusiast and are looking to make a nice profit from your passion, you need to consider flipping cars for profit. This otherwise overlooked trade has seen some people make good profits and even turn it into a fully-fledged business. Flipping cars It is possible that you have heard about flipping […]

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A Big Raise For This Year

This year’s raise is less than previous year, but my raise is still about the double of the average engineers in my group. It’s fairly good by any measure. One of the best ways to make more money is to invest yourself in your job and career. Whether it’s spending more time, volunteering, attending seminar […]

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Out Of Closed End Muni Funds For Now

I have discussed before that for my asset allocation, I had chosen to have muni bonds in taxable accounts instead of taxable bonds in tax-deferred accounts. In fact, I purchased some NXZ at the beginning of the year. I got out of them last Tuesday, after the big panic. Although I managed a small profit, […]

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I saw this article the other day from It spoke about CGMFX returning 50% in two months. That is simply INCREDIBLE for a mutual fund. Don’t know if any of you picked up some shares in CGMFX or CGMRX when I first blogged about Ken Heebner and his funds back in April 2007. Heebner […]

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