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Lists Of High Yield Dividend Stocks

Here is probably the standard list of dividend stocks that pays 4.0% or above that you may find from other sites. The table is based on Jun 16, 2006 Friday’s closing price, using the last paid dividend projected forward for one year which is the way Yahoo display the dividend yields in the basic information. […]

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My Dividend Investing

I recall filling those questionaires provided by financial advisors, asking whether I like more income investing or more growth investing. Initially, I didn’t really understand the question. I told the financial advisor, “you know, I just want to have good return. I don’t really care whether it’s from income investing or from growth investing.” She […]

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Online Brokerage Comparison

Before I tell you about my terrible experience with Scottrade, let me first compare several online brokerage firms in terms of commission costs: Ameritrade Izone: Best for active traders. $5 per trade, very cheap rate for option contract at $5 + $0.75 per contract. Scottrade: Best for casual traders and/or investors. $7 per trade. $0 […]

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Hindenberg Omen

Hindenberg Omen is one of the rarest technical signals that can be generated from the stock market. This technical signal is specifically targeting to detect a substantial market correction or a market crash. Here is the definition of Hindenberg omen directly from The traditional definition of a Hindenburg Omen has three criteria: That the […]

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Kelly Criterion For Stock Trading Size

I’m sure some people know about Efficient Frontier, but I’m guessing that there are less investors that know about Kelly Criterion. So what is Kelly Criterion and who is Kelly? Kelly worked at AT&T, and published the original paper back in 1956. Its math is quite involved with communication and information theory, mostly dealing with […]

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