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Online Brokerage Comparison

Before I tell you about my terrible experience with Scottrade, let me first compare several online brokerage firms in terms of commission costs: Ameritrade Izone: Best for active traders. $5 per trade, very cheap rate for option contract at $5 + $0.75 per contract. Scottrade: Best for casual traders and/or investors. $7 per trade. $0 […]

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Hindenberg Omen

Hindenberg Omen is one of the rarest technical signals that can be generated from the stock market. This technical signal is specifically targeting to detect a substantial market correction or a market crash. Here is the definition of Hindenberg omen directly from The traditional definition of a Hindenburg Omen has three criteria: That the […]

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Kelly Criterion For Stock Trading Size

I’m sure some people know about Efficient Frontier, but I’m guessing that there are less investors that know about Kelly Criterion. So what is Kelly Criterion and who is Kelly? Kelly worked at AT&T, and published the original paper back in 1956. Its math is quite involved with communication and information theory, mostly dealing with […]

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Leverage: The Secret of Making Big Money

Have you wondered how some people get so incredibly rich? There is a saying: “you need money to make more money.” If you hear that from a poor person, it may sound a little sour-graped. But underlying it, there is probably some grain of salt, not well-understood by the person who says it, but a […]

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Invest To Hedge For Inflation

According to the Efficient Market Hypothesis, the stocks are always fairly priced. Whatever information and news will be reflected by the stock price almost immediately. The current market capitalization of a given stock to the entire market is the best allocation percentage using all available news and information. This is the philosophy of the passive […]

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The Silver ETF Is Here!

Finally SLV, the first silver ETF is here on April 28, 2006. No more needs of paying premium over CEF which at one point was trading more than 10% premium over its underlying asset. Despite its convenience and attractiveness as an easy way in investing in silver, it is after all a paper asset. Not […]

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