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A Decision Guide On What You Should Do For Your Home Mortgage

Here is just some decision flowchart on what I think you should do for your home/mortgages in many circumstances. It’s based on my personal opinion, and you should always consult professionals & legals when it applies. There aren’t many solutions for you besides out-right sale, short sale, refinancing, loan modification, foreclosures, and walkaways. But you […]

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Time To Refinance Or Get A Loan

Actually it’s a little too late, but better late than never. I will be doing a refinance. My previous loan is a zero-cost loan, meaning that it’s a no-point no-fee nothing-out-of-my-pocket and nothing-added-to-my-loan-balance loan. I paid a slightly higher interest rate, but I think it was worth it. Anybody who wants to refinance or get […]

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Different Ways For A Busted Refinancing Plan

I heard about many things on refinancing to get out of the coming ARM reset, and I talked about saving these reset by re-refinancing myself too. But such a successful refinancing depends heavily on the amount of home equity you built up (or the valuation of your home), and is only for people who did […]

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Deficiency Judgement

To the current homeowners: think again before you send the keys to the bank and walk away from the house. Do you think that when the housing prices fall, you can simply walk away from all the loans? Well, if you didn’t know, I am going to explain it to you. There are loans that […]

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