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Different Factors Affecting Your ETF Trading Success

Success is something that attracts everyone. The higher the potential for success is, the more people long for it. In ETF trading, everyone is trying to succeed from their current standpoint. Considering the limitless opportunities that come with ETF trading, one can easily understand people’s yearning for leveraging it. Factors That Triggers Forex Investment Success […]

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An Outlook For Precious Metals

My best guess is that precious metals have made a short term bottom. But I can be wrong. Intermediate term however I am still wary of a mid-year dip. A bull market often tries to shake off as many people before embarking a big advance. Both gold & silver have made the MACD bullish crossover […]

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The Fair Price For Gold

“Gold closed at new high!” That was the Tuesday headline on I checked right away, but didn’t see gold cash price breaking new high at $1265. After reading the article, it’s really just a new high in the nearest futures market. “Investing” in gold is probably one of the hardest arguments to make, since […]

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Market Leaders Are Revealing Themselves

Slowly through each wave of rise and fall, markets are revealing where the capitals are concentrating. The market leaders are no longer US, Japan, nor Europe, but Brazil, India, China, and Taiwan. US market is facing heavy pressure again today. S&P 500 has broken support at 1080/1085, and then 1065/1060. The technical pictures are simply […]

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Ironies Yet To Be Bernanke On Time Magazine

Helicopter Bernanke has been chosen as the Person of the Year 2009. That is just ridiculous in my personal opinion. For someone along with Greenspan created the single biggest housing bubble (in size) in human history so far, bailing out all the guilty parties and mopping up all the mistakes with even greater mistakes through […]

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Review On The New Gold ETF GDXJ GDX

GDXJ was debut this Wednesday. Both GDX and GDXJ (the junior companies) are offered by Van Eck. Here are the links to the company site for GDX and GDXJ. The complete weighting of the components are listed below: Fund Holdings of GDX as of 2009/11/12   Number   Holding   Ticker   Shares   Market […]

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Gold At New High In US

Gold broke all time record in $US today. It is a confirmation that the bull market is alive. Some people could argue that this may be a double top. That is definitely possible. However, if gold does get up to more than $1100, then I think that argument is a little weak. Furthermore, based on […]

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First Fall Is Not As Ugly Yet

With Monday drop in the stock markets, sentiments have temporarily turned. I think before the first week of July, stocks may be still in the “levitation” stage, meaning that a big drop won’t come yet. Plus that today and tomorrow, Fed will come out and swing again. We are sure to see some more volatility. […]

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Banks Paying Back Taxpayers Money

Ten large banks are paying back treasury with 68 billion dollars, so that they can be freed from government meddling in paying their executives. Now that all of their accounting book is blessed with marked-to-fantasy, they don’t need the cash anymore. Can we put in a clause in the payback that “please don’t come back […]

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