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Investing Against US Dollar

First of all, make sure you understand the title correctly. Investing against $US is in no way investing against US, nor is it unpatriotic. As I have talked many times in my blog, I expect a higher than normal inflation rate going forward compared to recent history and compared to other countries, most likely this […]

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Oil Market Is Close At Bottom

I believe the bottom of oil market is right here around $57. Consider buying any of the beaten oil stocks, such as MRO, VLO, COP, or ERF, PWI for Canadian Royalty trusts, or oil-related index OIH, XLE. One may wait for another pullback, or if you don’t have any positions, now is a very good […]

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Gold: A Precious Metal

I was heartened by gold’s price action over the last three days seen in the price chart from Kitco below. From a high near $592 on the 23rd, it dropped nearly $19 to a low near $574 on the 24th. It then almost recovered all the way back to $592 today (25th). Gold stocks, as […]

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Housing Led Stock Market Correction

Have you seen the following chart? At a mathematical correlation of 0.79, it is scarily high. How much time do we still have before the bottom falls out? Or is it going to be a bullish 2007 with a great 4-year cycle election? With so many bulls arguing with 4-year election cycle, maybe this argument […]

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Charts On Housing Markets US Economy

In my previous post “The real losers when the housing bubble bursts”, it appears that many people did not understand what kind of inflation that I’m talking about. Apparently, you don’t read my past posts, and are not familiar with were I stand on the US economy. I’ve pulled together three charts which I thought […]

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Why Stock Markets Crash?

It has been a while that I haven’t done a book review. I want to review this book to lay the foundation for my future discussions on several important topics. This post is a bit mathematical, and if you are not into it, you can skip the paragraphs forward to the RED sentence, starting after […]

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