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Got Your Silver Coins Yet?

Silver coins? If you think I am a weird thirty-something high-tech professional, then I must be doing it right. For a long time from 2002 to 2005, I couldn’t find any good silver investment vehicle back in Asia where I’m originally from. At that time, silver spot price was just below $5 an ounce. Last […]

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Below Median Household Income

This is the seventh year of my family earning below the median household income of the city at which I work. I have pretty much given up on the hope of ever reaching the median household income, unless my wife starts to work. Despite my desires of living closer to the majority of my work […]

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All About Inflation

Modern money is paper money since the world came off from the gold standard in early 1900. One problem with paper money is that it is based upon confidence and trust, which can be fickle and fleeting sometimes. When the confidence is suddenly gone, then you have an Asian currency crisis or Mexican Peso crisis. […]

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