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How To Lower Car Insurance After an Accident

When car accidents occur, they not only cause harm and damage to you and your vehicle but also affect your insurance policy. Most insurance companies often raise premium rates if you are involved in an accident. Have you been recently involved in an accident and are worried that your insurance premiums will rise? Worry no […]

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5 Steps To Choosing The Right Financial Planner For You

There are people who spend their money recklessly, without thinking of any consequences. Those people either have enough money to have their grandchildren’s future secured, or they simply don’t care about anyone’s secure future, not even their own. The latter ones usually regret their poor and reckless decisions once they reach a certain age, but […]

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Four Things To Expect From A Title Loan

While it is not something that people really want to think about, there will eventually come a time where a person might find themselves needing cash, and needing it quick. There are plenty of ways to obtain cash quickly, but one of the most efficient and reliable ways to do this is to take out […]

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Going From Thirties To Fourties

People say that one may have a mid-life crisis around 40s. That’s definitely true. When I started blogging, I have always thought that I’m “young” and energetic. But a reader while in college addressed me as “Sir” as if I’m so much older. Come on, about 10 years ago, I was still in grad school. […]

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I Am Facing Foreclosure: Shutting Down

Casey Serin at I am Facing is shutting down his website in about 18 days. I received an email notification from him about the news: I’m shutting the blog down on August 3rd. That’s about 23 days from now. Any publicity is good publicity. Right? Wrong. My marriage and my family has been affected […]

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A Great Carnival This Week!

Here are all the great money/finance carnivals featuring 1stM@33 submissions. Please visit them for more good readings. Carnival of Frugality #53 Festival of Stocks #15 Carnival of Personal Finance #79 Carnival of Investing #53 Yeah! Shame on me! Although I submitted to various carnivals, I have been simply too busy AND lazy to write up […]

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46th Carnival Of Investing

Welcome to the 46th Carnival of Investing, hosted at My 1st Million At 33! Thanks to all the contributors to the carnival to make this another great carnival for more learning on investing your money, and thanks to Jonathan for making hosting arrangements. Using my own judgment, I have highlighted the posts that I like […]

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Carnival of the Capitalists

Welcome to Carnival of the Capitalists – 10/2/06 Edition at Thanks to all those who participated, and thanks to Jay to give me this opportunity to host. Onto the Carnival of the Capitalists, posts are listed roughly in the order of submission. For most posts, I’ve added a short summary or my own commentary. Please DO NOT SUBMIT […]

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