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Networth Review In June 06

For the last month from 05/31/06 to 06/30/06, Networth is down by 3.65%. Value of my company holdings (stock options, ESPP, etc.) is down by 23.12%. Everything else excluding my home and cash is up by 4.02%. If including cash in #3, it’s up by 2.92%. My savings since 5/31/06 were 0.12% of my total […]

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A Million Dollar Goal Comeback!

Clint at the old MillionDollarGoal blogger site has made a full comeback blogging again at AccumulatingMoney. His website was taken down by Blogger, a warning to all those who want to blog based on blogger’s platform. There are several other free platforms out there, including WordPress, and a flexible platform graciously provided by Jonathan’s mblog. […]

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Looking Back At My First Year In Investing

When I just started investing in 1998, I started out by day trading stocks. I didn’t have much. Majority of my investing capital came from my parents. I had about $30,000 which was also the majority of my entire networth. Life was in the fast lane, day trading stocks in and out. Since day trading […]

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My Two Millions at 28

If I made it through 2000 dot com bubble, the name of my website would be My Two Millions At 28, I was once a multi-millionaire on paper. The after-tax value of my stock options if I had the chance of exercising them was more than two million dollars. And guess what happened, two […]

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Engineer Salary In Silicon Valley

The following 2006 salary numbers are from (Took me a long time to pull all these numbers out). The salary is defined as total cash compensation (cash + bonuses). From my personal contacts & experiences, the numbers seem to be fairly accurate. All the experience levels are defined as follows: Level I: 0 to […]

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A Trip To Other Personal Finance Blogs

I am a relatively new blogger, and have been too busy blogging. The past two weeks I decided that I want to pay some tributes to all of my fellow personal finance bloggers, all of them are both my dear fellows and my fierce competitors. In fact, I really wish that I had more time […]

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