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Life Insurance Term

Before getting into different insurance products, first of all, we all know that life insurance companies are not non-profit organization. That mere fact simply means that on the average (almost like gambling), you are likely to lose from buying the life insurance than gaining from it (at least financially). However, there are rules, assumptions, and …

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Quit Lag

Life changes rarely happen alone. I mentioned here the birth of my daughter in February. My mother-in-law has been staying with us since then. However, she’s leaving next week. After some long discussions, my wife and I decided that I’ll be the one staying at home to take care of our daughter for a couple …

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Muffin Calculator: Little Savings That Goes For A Long Way

This article is from Frugal Duchess. She writes a weekly column in Miami Herald, and had been a stringer for People Magazine. In the past, she worked at Institutional Investor’s newsletter division in Manhattan, covering IPOs, M&As and LBOs, CMOs and the rest of the financial alphabet. I hope you will enjoy her frugal tips …

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