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Quit Lag

Life changes rarely happen alone. I mentioned here the birth of my daughter in February. My mother-in-law has been staying with us since then. However, she’s leaving next week. After some long discussions, my wife and I decided that I’ll be the one staying at home to take care of our daughter for a couple […]

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Networth Review For March 2007

For the month of March from 3/1/07 to 4/1/07, Net worth is up by 3.28%. Value of my company holdings (stock options, ESPP, etc.) is down by 5.35% partially due to my liquidation. Everything else excluding my home and cash is up by 4.54%. If including cash in #3, it’s up by 3.46%. My portfolio […]

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An Update On The $600k Home

After many thoughts about this home, the sticking point has really been the second-rated school district (but still better than probably 85% of the schools in California). Despite that the performance of a school district changes year from year, I just can’t make myself commit to it. However, one really positive point about that home […]

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Two Must Do Saving Tips!

You may not want to clip coupons, or you may not go to discount stores. But at least, you should follow these two effortless saving tips that will save you big money in the long run: Earning interest from idle cash: Open an Emigrant Direct Saving account at 5.15%, or HSBC or Capital One accounts […]

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My Biggest Financial Blunder

My biggest financial blunder is not using my parental gifts wisely. Most people don’t use their parental gifts wisely and spend through it. I’m at the opposite end of the spectrum. I didn’t use it wisely, because I did NOT use it. If you have read the composition of my 1st million dollar, the money […]

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My Advice To Preserving Wealth

At 30s to 50s, if you have put in some efforts in saving up a nest egg, you probably will have an okay to decent size of money, depending on your saving rate and age. At this stage, you probably should start constructing a picture of your networth & portfolio, if you have not already […]

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