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Best things to buy on Wish in 2019

The digital revolution has made shopping incredibly affordable. While brick and mortar shops charge more to cover shop rent, Ecommerce sites like Amazon don’t have to. What we get are products at a fraction of the price.    But when it comes to ecommerce sites, there’s stiff competition too. Some are cheaper than others. Introducing a […]

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Cash Back Reward To My Credit Cards in 2010

I’ve always chosen cashback instead of air mileages for my credit card reward. The reason is cashback goes into your pocket directly, and unlike air mileages or point systems, it is not subject to the conversion factor change in the future. I have arranged my spending on credit cards as follows: 1. Grocery, drugstore, and […]

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Tax Rebate Checks Coming

Economic stimulus is coming. And many retailers are looking for you to spend your check. In the recession, it’s a good time to spend money if you have it. Of course, the amount of my rebate check is $0. I’m not getting any. But it’s not like I’m making a lot more. The tax rebate […]

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Check Before You Buy Electronics From Costco

I’ve compared the prices on electronics many times. Costco quite often disappoints me. I really expect better pricing from Costco. Here are some examples: 1. JVC GZ-MG155US HDD 30GB camcorder at my local Costco is selling for $489.99, but the cheapest price from the internet is $329. That is $170 price difference, or some 35% […]

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Easy Grocery Shopping at My Grocery Deals

I came across, a website that helps you search through the weekly deals at your local supermarkets. No longer do you need to go thru every flyer from every grocery store, and look through them. If you know what you are looking for, it’s easy. Here is the comment from the site owner: […]

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Switching To T-Mobile Prepaid

I don’t really use my cell phones that much. Since Cingular wireless is stopping the Free2Go service in March, and both of my phones are expiring, I have decided to switch to T-mobile prepaid. My phones still had $44 and $13 dollars credit near expiration. I have been simply rolling over the minutes, and spent […]

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