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Do You Carpool?

I just started carpooling with another work colleague a few months ago. I drive on Monday/Wednesday, while my partner drives on Tuesday/Thursday. Yeah, there is no rules in the book that says 1stMillionAt?? cannot carpool. Besides splitting the cost of gas money, there are a few other advantages & disadvantages from my own experience: Advantages: […]

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The Purpose Of Allowance Money

The purpose of allowance money is to allow an individual a certain amount of money to express one’s individuality in the form of using the money for his or her likings. What has been allowed should not be interfered. You may express your opinions on how the allowance could be used, but you don’t want […]

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FAQs On My Rent vs Buy Calculator

This page will serve as the main page for the Rent vs Buy Calculator for any future update or user questions. For the most part, you shouldn’t need to read anything from this page, until you get into some very minor details. Documentation: The following 3 input boxes are co-dependent: Down payment, Down payment %, […]

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My Wife’s Shopping Tips

Sometimes I am simply blown away by my wife’s creative saving tips when shopping. If you don’t know that merchandises at Costco are not cheap, then you are in the second league after her. My family don’t use the Costco executive card to get the 2% savings, because we cannot justify 2% with our low […]

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Comparison Of Cashback Credit Cards

The credit card issuers got more competitive again since the last time I shopped around. Because the average cost for Visa/Mastercard transactions is about 1.7%, and can be almost 3% for small merchants, I always thought that getting mostly 1% cashback out of 1.7% total on my Citi Dividend Platinum Select Card is pretty good […]

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Shady Tactics: Check Your Receipt

I’m not sure if supermarket business is now so tough that Vons/Pavillion/Safeway are resorting to some shady tactics. I have been running into instances where the shoppers can easily end up much bigger bill than expected: Very similar items that are not on-sale will be placed together with on-sale items. Unless you read the description […]

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