I saw this article the other day from thestreet.com. It spoke about CGMFX returning 50% in two months. That is simply INCREDIBLE for a mutual fund.

Don’t know if any of you picked up some shares in CGMFX or CGMRX when I first blogged about Ken Heebner and his funds back in April 2007. Heebner moves faster than you can track him. At that time, he was bearish on real estate stocks, bullish on mining and infrastructure stocks, neutral and slighly bullish on brokerage financial stocks. I think I checked his holdings, and he was holding brokerage stocks at one time. But he got out quickly for sure, and both of his CGMFX and CGMRX (supposedly a real estate fund) are showing big holdings in energy/infrastructure names. Yeah, he moves FAST.

If there is a second example of failure of Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH) besides Warren Buffet, I would say Heebner is high on the list. He has beaten indexes year after year for so many years now. Incredibly record. I have to seriously consider buying his CGMFX really. Maybe EMH is garbage. Or at least it’s a garbage theory definitely to Heebner and the fund holders personally. Some people I guess can really time the market. And timing the market with a big mutual fund portfolio is certainly much harder than a small individual portfolio.

Don’t invest just based on my advice. Caution is always advised. Disclosure: I currently don’t hold CGMFX or CGMRX, but I wish I did 10 years ago.

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