dividend investing

My Dividend Investing

I recall filling those questionaires provided by financial advisors, asking whether I like more income investing or more growth investing. Initially, I didn’t really understand the question. I told the financial advisor, “you know, I just want to have good return. I don’t really care whether it’s from income investing or from growth investing.” She …

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Master Limited Partnership: A Great Dividend Saver

Master Limited Partnership or MLP is one of my favorite investments to replace bonds. Obviously, nothing is “safer” than bonds, but the deceiving safety is really a wealth erosion in disguise (through inflation). So what is MLP? MLPs are limited partnerships, but trades like all other stocks. Due to its partnership structure, an MLP usually …

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Royalty Trusts

This is the third article in the my dividend investing series. Actually most of these current income investments do not pay out the so-called traditional dividends. For royalty trust companies, they pay out royalties to the owners, instead of dividends. For investing purpose, there is not much difference except the origins of the income. However, …

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