Lessons From Astrology

Is this post for entertainment only? Well, yes and no. I guess a wildly different topic can enrich your reading experience at my site.

I use astrology to mostly understand myself. It’s like a mirror that reflects things that you may not even notice about yourself. Sometimes you’re too stubborn to take any advices for your own weakness, you can read about the advices from astrology. A good self-understanding of one’s own strength and weakness increases your chance to success, and therefore to wealth.

I don’t know whether you have such detailed knowledge about astrology, or have done any astrological reading. But I’m simply amazed by what astrology can tell you. Scientifically or statistically, I cannot explain how explanations in the natal charts (both western & eastern) can be so close to the real me. Some people say that it may be a proposition of self-fulfulling prophecy. I beg to differ. If you want to give it a try, you can use www.astro.com, and once you enter your birth information (including the birth location), you can click on “Free Horoscope”, and then click on “Personal Portrait”, or click on “Astro Click Portrait”. The “Astro Click Portrait” gives you a lot more information when you further clicked on any of the astro signs/lines for aspects to display the corresponding information. My experience is that eastern astrology is more accurate simply because it has more Stars for classifications. You can get your natal chart for Purple-King at www.purpleking.com, but the free explanations provided are too rudimentary to be personally useful.

Certainly, western astrology is much more than the twelve zodiac Signs. From the twelve Signs, results from astrology is quite lacking in interpretation. The Signs are where the Sun is in your natal chart. But then you have your Moon Sign, and Ascendant, and all other planets in your twelve Houses. Then between all planets & Ascendant, you have various Aspects that can exert different effects. I won’t go into any details here. You can read them up yourself.

On the eastern astrology, I studied the astrology of Tzu-Wei, or Purple-King. Amazingly, they also have twelve Houses (I guess the number 12 is from the lunar calendar of twelve months). Besides most of the planets in western astrology, there are a lot more Stars in the eastern astrology. To construct your natal chart in eastern astrology, you also need to know your birthdate & birth hour up to the precision of 2 hours boundary. There are a couple of important teachings in Purple-King astrology, and my own realizations that I would like to share with you:

  1. According to most eastern astrologers, the natal chart could determine some 60% to 70% about you and what happens to you, but the rest of 40% to 30% are based on post-birth efforts. There is no pre-destination. Actually, most of the time, astrology is more accurate in telling who you are as a person than what happens to you because the later have a lot more variables.
  2. The three most important Houses in Purple-King in determining your material success are the Destiny House that shows your character and personality, Career House, and Money House that shows your wealth and your ability of handling wealth. So if you want to become materially successful, you know where you should pay your attention to: career, money management, and yourself as a person.
  3. There are good Stars and bad Stars and different star effects in different Houses. But all stars must go into one of the twelve Houses. So if you have some good Stars shining somewhere, you are bound to have some bad Stars shining elsewhere. Life explained from Purple-King just cannot be perfect. You just cannot have everything. That is indeed so true. There are only 24 hours a day. If you dedicate some of your time on any one of the twelve aspects of your life, then you cannot dedicate those hours to other aspects, whether it’s money, family, health, etc. Life is about choices and compromises. So always remember to have a holistic view on your life. Don’t neglect any of the aspects and live a well-balanced life. Yes, maybe you may not have more money, but you may have more family life or better health as a result.
  4. Your life goes through different Houses that contain good and bad Stars. There are ups and downs in life. Your luck goes through a cycle (of 12 Houses), not a linear development. So don’t feel too bad about your temporary woes, and don’t feel too pompous about your temporary success. Nothing is permanent, but cyclical. They cycle from good to bad, and then from bad to good.

By the way, don’t be an astrology junkie. There is a Chinese saying: “Change your heart (or reform your thinking), and you can change your life“.

P.S. Guess what Purple-King says about what I will be doing in my spare time? One of the stars that I have in my “Leisure House” is the Consul star, which literally translated into English means “Secrets of Heaven”. Yep, I love learning about religions, astrology, and sciences in my spare time.

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